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Winner Optimist 5953
Winner Optimist 5953 for sale. Boat in good condition but needs a repair on the front. Comes with black gold spars & sprit HD1 sail in good condition J red sail in immaculate condition with spare lightweight boom. N1 foils, very good condition Training foils in ok condition. 2 other sails, ok for training (1 J Blue) 2 red bailers & praddle Lightweight collapsible trolley Blue optiparts top cover 3 bouyancy bags Measurement certificates Fantastic little boat, has had a couple of repairs done and needs a repair doing on the bow, but is an easy fix with fibreglass and gelcoat. All ready... read more

Location:Crook Durham UK
Price: £1,300
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ID: 650317 (Private)
Posted: 15 hours ago

Sep 2017 Optimist - great condition
Purchased direct from Far East boats in September 2017. Sailed until July 2019 - and in garage, wrapped in hull and top cover, since then. Includes collapsible launching trailer and ‘almost new’ racing One Sail - bought March 2019 and used sparingly until July 2019. To purchase whole package new now would be circa GBP 2,750. Includes (per delivery invoice from Far East): - Championship Optimist Hull - Measurement Certificate - Blackgold Medium mast/boom/sprit set - Championship Mainsheet System - Championship Epoxy Daggerboard - Championship Epoxy Rudder (including... read more

Length: 2.36m
Location:Surrey UK
Price: £1,500
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ID: 648900  (Private)
Posted: 1 day ago

Van Wettum Optimist 5558
A great little competitive Zone squad boat, sailed predominantly inland and ready to go racing. Optipart Rudder, TEB dagger board, Optimax IV spars, J blue sail and P&B radial training spare sail. Harken 40mm carbo & Ronstan 3 to 1 blocks. Launch trolley, Optiparts port & starboard bailers. 3 airbags & praddle. New Optiparts Spar bag. In good condition with only cosmetic marks. Magic Marine foil bag. Top & bottom covers, although aged rather than new. Photos available.... read more

Length: 2.34m
Location:Kent UK
Price: £785
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ID: 654971  (Private)
Posted: 1 day ago

Optimist Rudder, Tiller & Tiller Ext.
Winner Optimist rudder, tiller and tiller extension. Good condition.... read more

Location:Buckinghamshire UK
Price: £100
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ID: 638757 (Private)
Posted: 1 day ago

Winner 3D Star GBR 6349 - lightly used
An excellent condition boat, well cared for and ready to go racing. Zone squad boat only used for 2.5 seasons of which 1 season a race boat only. N1 Foils (1 season), Virtually new Black & Gold spars (1 season), Power radial P&B sail. Ronstat auto ratchet block & Ronstat orbit 3 to 1 blocks. Launch trolley, Standard winner bailers buoyancy bags & praddle. Northsails top cover, Optiparts bottom cover. New Magic Marine spars bag, P&B race team foils bag. Photos available.... read more

Length: 2.34m
Location:Kent UK
Price: £1,950
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ID: 654964  (Private)
Posted: 1 day ago

Optimist 6164
Optimist Winner 3D* 2012 GBR6164, good condition [few minor scuffs], raced competitively on UK circuit for 3 years before growing and moving to 420. Black and gold spars, J blue training and J Red race sail. Magic Marine padded top and bottom covers new in 2018. New airbags, 2019, N1 foils, all measurement paperwork, collapsable trolly plus all usual extras [praddle, mast clamp etc]. Additional items available include 2 sails [HD1- race quality, North P5 radial - race quality], 3 booms [1 optimax mk 4, 1 standard black and gold, 1 black and gold black max 45mm] plus the spares [mast clamp etc]... read more

Location:Pembrokeshire UK
Price: £1,200
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ID: 643940 (Private)
Posted: 7 days ago

Optimist 5954
Boat has been maintained well and cared for since we have owned it. Hull in great condition for its age. Intermediate squad boat in 2017. Winner 12Ti, first registered in 2010. Full racing specification. 2013 HD2 racing sail, hardly used. 2016 Pinnell and Bax Cross Cut Medium training sail. Spare old sail. Black gold mast, boom and sprit. N1 Foils. Ronstan main sheet ratchet block. Praddle, red and green bailers. Windex. 8m painter. Compass. Mast bag and foil bag. Top and bottom covers. Optiparts collapsible trolley. Measurement certificate. Optional: 2019 Olympic Red sail, sui... read more

Location:Cambridgeshire UK
Price: £1,300
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ID: 649257 (Private)
Posted: 10 days ago

Carter Optimist
Carter Optimist with translucent transom and bow. Black gold mast, 2x sprit and 2x booms Carter foils 1x J blue race sail 2x J blue training sails. Collapsible trolley Opitparts top/bottom cover Padded foils bag Measurement certificates All other standard items plus spare bailers/airbag/tiller extensions, sprit hooks... read more

Location:Essex UK
Price: £1,800
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ID: 648929 (Private)
Posted: 14 days ago

Winner 3d Star 6289 light use, 3 xJ Blue
2014 Winner 3d Star N1 foils in padded bag Racing J Blue sail excellent condition Training sail good condition Covers, Collapsible trolley, Big orange bailers + spare silver ones, Big buoyancy bags Mast clamp - everything you need to win races!... read more

Location:Berkshire UK
Price: £1,750
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ID: 651290 (Private)
Posted: 19 days ago

Zou Inter Marine Optimist 6207
2nd Girl Junior Fleet Nationals Zone Squad boat 2018 3 x J Blue sails (One good race and 2 training sails) Black and Gold Spars 2 x masts (low and high sprit cleat) 2 x 40mm Booms 27mm Sprit Optiparts spar bag DSK Centreboard N1 Rudder Spare Optiparts Centreboard for training Optiparts foil bag Neil pryde toestraps Optiparts padded bottom cover P&B Top cover Tapered mainsheet, 2 x Wind indicators, 2 x Bailers, Praddle, Single and Double block mainsheet strop, mast clamp, All Harken blocks. Full documentation and certification Based near Oxford... read more

Location:hp180sn Buckinghamshire UK
Price: £1,300
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ID: 648321 (Private)
Posted: 21 days ago

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