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Mirror dinghy cruising sail
Almost new, it is an excellent sail for handling squalls without heeling. I used it a few times then suffered a serious illness, so very reluctant sale. Cost £600 to have it made. Search Mirror Mods on YouTube for details of rigging. Only used it in freshwater, I never got to go round the isle of wight. Supplied with an older sail bag. More photos available and you are welcome to come see it or I'll meet you on Zoom.... read more

Location:Wiltshire UK
Price: £450
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ID: 644078 (Private)
Posted: 1 day ago

Mirror Dinghy Spare Parts
My mirror dinghy hull has unfortunately rotted through. But the spars, sails, etc. are still in fair condition, if a bit old. £25 each for: - Spars: mast, boom, gaff boom & spinnaker pole - Sails: 2 mains, jib & spinnaker - Tiller, rudder & daggerboard - Cover (as only 1 photo is allowed, sails are shown, but photos of the other parts are available on request)... read more

Location:Petersfield Hampshire UK
Price: £25
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ID: 643699 (Private)
Posted: 5 days ago

Refurbished Mirror - Now sold . sail number 17586, aluminium spar, wooden gaff and boom, mainsail and jib in good condition, spare jib, oars, upgraded rudder, stored in garage when not in use, Rapide combi trailer in fair working order... read more

Length: 3.30m
Location:Hampshire UK
Price: £300
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ID: 643597  (Private)
Posted: 6 days ago

50 year old mirror Kept in garage and in almost brand new condition refurbished and not used since been refurbished Launching trolly included Covers included in excellent condition... read more

Location:Tyne & Wear UK
Price: £350
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ID: 643083 (Private)
Posted: 12 days ago

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